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GTFS Schedule Validator

This free and open-source canonical GTFS Schedule validator is maintained by MobilityData with the help of the GTFS community. Use it to evaluate your dataset against the official GTFS Reference and Best Practices. It provides an easy-to-use validation report in an HTML format that can be opened in the browser and shared with other parties.

Current version: 5.0 (see the release notes)


  1. Go to
  2. Load your GTFS dataset: you can select or drag & drop a ZIP file, or copy/paste a URL.
  3. When the validation is finished, an option to open the report will be provided.
  4. You will see if the validator found issues with the data, and links to our documentation for how to fix them. The URL of the validation report will work for 30 days and can be shared with others.

Use This Validator as Part of Your Data Pipeline

To see more instructions on how to use this tool in your data pipeline, please visit the GitHub repository.


This project is a community effort, and anyone interested in this project can join the community, participate in decision-making and help advance it in different ways. There are many different ways to contribute: sharing your idea for a new feature, reporting a problem, improving the documentation, teaching others how to use it, etc.

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