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GTFS-Fares v2

Fares v2 is a GTFS Schedule extension project that aims to address the limitations of Fares v1.

The main concepts that Fares v2 plans to represent are

  • Fare products (e.g tickets and passes)
  • Rider categories (e.g seniors and children)
  • Fare media (e.g transit pass, paper tickets, contactless bank cards)
  • Fare capping

These concepts will allow data producers to model zone-based, time-dependent, and inter-agency fares. This extension project is being adopted in iterations.

You can see examples here that show what can be modelled using what has been officially adopted in GTFS.

Producers may implement Fares v2 in the same dataset with Fares v1, since there is no technical conflict between the two. Consumers can choose which version to use independent of the other. With adoption and sufficient endorsement of Fares v2, Fares v1 may be deprecated in the future.

See the full proposal

Participate in the conversation

You can stay up to date and join the discussions around Fares v2 by joining our Slack Chanel and the recurring working group meetings.

Join #gtfs-fares on SlackSee the meeting scheduleSee meeting notes

First Adopters

🎉 Shoutout to Fares v2 first adopters! At least 1 data producer and 1 consumer must commit to implementing an experimental feature before a public vote is opened to add it to the official specification. These organizations invest a large amount of time and energy into experimental changes to make sure that GTFS continues to evolve.

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Fares v2 Features Under Discussion