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About is maintained by MobilityData, a Canadian non-profit that aims to broaden adoption and increase the functionality of the GTFS & GBFS data formats. Thank you to Andrew Byrd for purchasing and lending use of the domain name and providing leadership for the GTFS community.

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MobilityData began in 2015 as a Rocky Mountain Institute project with the mission to improve travelers' information. It extended its mission and reach by becoming a Canadian non-profit in 2019 and a French one in 2021. The MobilityData team includes a number of transportation thinkers and technical experts. With over 20 employees worldwide, MobilityData brings together and supports international mobility stakeholders such as transport agencies, software vendors, mobility apps, and cities to standardize and expand data formats such as GTFS and GBFS for public transport and shared mobility. MobilityData acts as an industry facilitator, creating opportunities for strengthened interoperability while assisting the industry’s rapid transformation through training and tools.

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