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PHP GTFS-realtime Language Bindings

PHP version

Provides PHP classes generated from the GTFS-realtime Protocol Buffer specification. These classes will allow you to parse a binary Protocol Buffer GTFS-realtime data feed into PHP objects.

For bindings in other languages, see the gtfs-realtime-bindings project.


As of February 2019, the official google-protobuf Google protoc tool doesn't support proto2 files. As a result we are deprecating the PHP bindings until official support for proto2 files is implemented in the Google protocol buffer tools.

Add the Dependency

To use the gtfs-realtime-bindings-php classes in your own project, you need to first install the Packagist Composer package. To do so, add a dependency in your composer.json file:

"require": {
  "google/gtfs-realtime-bindings": "x.y.z"

Where x.y.z is the latest release version:

PHP version

Then update your Composer dependencies:

composer update

Example Code

The following code snippet demonstrates downloading a GTFS-realtime data feed from a particular URL, parsing it as a FeedMessage (the root type of the GTFS-realtime schema), and iterating over the results.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use transit_realtime\FeedMessage;

$data = file_get_contents("URL OF YOUR GTFS-REALTIME SOURCE GOES HERE");
$feed = new FeedMessage();
foreach ($feed->getEntityList() as $entity) {
  if ($entity->hasTripUpdate()) {
    error_log("trip: " . $entity->getId());

For more details on the naming conventions for the PHP classes generated from the gtfs-realtime.proto, check out the the gtfs-realtime.php source file.