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Software for Creating APIs

Software that you can set up to provide an API to transit and multimodal data.

  • GraphHopper Routing Engine Open source routing engine for OpenStreetMap. Use it as Java library or server.
  • gtfs-server - A web server, written in Rust that uses PostGIS as a backend to serve GTFS data via a HTTP endpoint
  • hafas-rest-api – Expose a HAFAS endpoint as a REST API.
  • Linked Connections - An open-source, scalable intermodal route planning engine, which allows clients to execute the route planning algorithm (as opposed to the server). Uses GTFS data.
  • MOTIS - Multi Objective Travel Information System, written in C++ and Java. Can consume schedule timetables in the GTFS or HAFAS format as well as real time information in the GTFS-RT (and RISML, a propriatary format at Deutsche Bahn) as input data. For pedestrian routing (handled by Per Pedes Routing) and car routing (handled by OSRM) OpenStreetMap data is used.
  • Navitia is the opensource engine behind the live API.
  • OneBusAway - A Java app that consumes GTFS and GTFS-Realtime (along with other formats) and turns them into an easy to use REST API.
  • OpenTripPlanner - An open source platform for multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning, as well as returning information about a multi-modal graph (using data sources such as GTFS and OpenStreetMap).
  • pyBikes - Software powering CityBikes for worldwide bikeshare system info
  • TransitClock - Java application that can consume raw vehicle positions and generate prediction times in formats such as GTFS-realtime. Formerly known as "Transitime".
  • TransiCast - Provides public transportation data for North America in a single, integrated call and response format. The data is provided in stream-parsable XML and JSON formats. Open-source on Google Code. Hosted version at requires payment.