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GTFS Realtime

GTFS Realtime Libraries & Demo Apps

GTFS Realtime Validators

GTFS Realtime (and Other Real-time API) Archival Tools

  • GTFS-realtime to SQL - Parses a GTFS-RealTime feed into an SQL database (used in OpenMobilityData.org)
  • gtfsrdb - A Python tool that supports reading and archiving GTFS-realtime feeds into a database
  • retro-gtfs - A Python application that collects real-time data from the Nextbus API and archives it into the GTFS format (i.e., retrospective GTFS).

GTFS Realtime Convertors

GTFS Realtime Utilities

  • bus_kalman - A Kalman Filter used to interpolate bus travel times using NYC MTA real-time data.
  • Concentrate - Combines realtime transit information from multiple sources into single output files. Maintained by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).
  • gtfs-realtime-test-service - A tool for mocking GTFS-realtime feed content (e.g., for use in testing a GTFS-realtime consuming application).
  • GTFS-realtime Munin Plugin - Provides a Munin plugin for logging information about a GTFS-realtime feed.
  • GTFS-realtime Nagio Plugin - Provides a Nagios plugin for monitoring a GTFS-realtime feed
  • GTFS-realtime Printer - Java-based utility to print out information from a GTFS-realtime file or URL.
  • gtfs-rt-admin - An admin tool for managing GTFS-RT service alerts (JavaScript and Java).
  • gtfs-rt-differential-to-full-dataset – Javascript tool to transform a continuous GTFS Realtime stream of DIFFERENTIAL incrementality data into a FULL_DATASET dump.
  • gtfs-rt-dump - Converts protocol buffer format to plain text for easy viewing of a GTFS-realtime feed in plain text (for debugging purposes)
  • gtfs-rt-inspector – Web app to inspect & analyze any (CORS-enabled) GTFS Realtime feed. Open-source on GitHub.
  • GTFS Data Pipeline for TfNSW Bus Datasets - A data pipeline developed for the TfNSW's GTFS Static and Realtime datasets. The datasets generated using the pipeline have been used to validate the performance of TfNSW's Transit Signal Priority Request via Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS).
  • manual-gtfsrt - A Go-based tool that serves a GTFS-RT feed created from editable JSON.
  • print-gtfs-rt-cli – Javascript tool to read a GTFS Realtime feed from stdin, print human-readable or as JSON.
  • transitcast - Uses GTFS and GTFS-RT vehicle position feed generating an estimated transition time it takes for each vehicle to move from scheduled stop to scheduled stop recording these an "observed_stop_time" table. These records can later be used to train a machine learning model to make vehicle travel predictions. Created by TriMet as part of an FTA IMI project.
  • transit-feed-quality-calculator - A Java project that uses the gtfs-realtime-validator to assess the quality of a large number of transit feeds, fetching the feed URLs from a global directory (TransitFeeds.com/OpenMobilityData.org).
  • Transit Network Model - A tool to generate predictions using GTFS-realtime VehiclePositions, a particle filter, and a Kalman Filter.