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Places to access collections of GTFS and other transit and multimodal data

3rd party GTFS URL directories

  • The Mobility Database - JSON and CSV files on GitHub that is a repository of 2000+ mobility datasets across the world. Contains contents of OpenMobilityData/TransitFeeds.com.
  • Transitland - Community editable list of many transit agency GTFS datasets. Also provides an API to access the data as JSON/GeoJSON and a playground to try out the data.
  • TransitData.io - A list of GTFS data in parts of Latin America. Must contact website maintainers directly to access feeds, as they're not publicly available.
  • ~~GTFS Data Exchange~~ (Deprecated) - Formerly the definitive directory of GTFS feed URLs. Shutdown in 2016. But 93 GB of data from 2008 to 2016 is available upon request.
  • ~~OpenMobilityData~~ (Deprecated) - List of GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds. Archives and validates the GTFS feeds and allows you to preview both GTFS and GTFS-RT through the browser. Formerly TransitFeeds.com. MobilityData announced it is end-of-life as of early 2022 with a shutdown date to be determined.

Transit agency data archives

  • CapMetrics - Historical vehicle locations for Austin's transit agency (CapMetro). Data is collected by capmetricsd, a Go daemon.

National government datasets

Proprietary (non-standard) vendor APIs

  • Transport API - REST API for aggregated transit data for the United Kingdom. Fee-based access.
  • TransLoc OpenAPI - REST API for real-time vehicle, route, stop, and arrival data for over 60 transit systems in the United States that have purchased TransLoc's AVL hardware and software.
  • NextBus API - REST API for real-time vehicle, route, stop, and arrival data for agencies that have puchased NextBus's hardware and/or software.
  • Navitia.io - REST API for journey planning, stop schedules, isochrones and lot more on US and EU. Navitia is the opensource engine behind the live API.
  • CityBikes - REST API for aggregated bikeshare data from around the world. Powered by pyBikes.
  • HAFAS – Propriety public transport management software by HaCon (list of endpoints)
  • Citymapper API - REST API for transit journey planning, realtime transit data and walk, cycle, scooter travel times.

Crowdsourced transit data

  • Citylines.co - A collaborative platform for mapping transit systems, with an emphasis on their historical evolution. The data can be downloaded as GeoJSON or CSV from citylines.co/data.
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) - The collaborative platform for mapping the world, including transport, transit, and routing data.
  • GTFS-Hub - Community tested, probably quality/content enhanced, partially merged or filtered GTFS-feeds of (currently German) transport agencies. Maintained by MITFAHR|DE|ZENTRALE.

Sample GTFS and GTFS Realtime datasets used for software testing