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Agency Tools

Tools for transit agencies. See also GTFS Data Collection and Maintenance Tools for tools specific to GTFS.

  • Remix - A webapp that lets transit agencies easily plan routes.
  • AC Transit RestroomFinder - Pinpoints the nearest authorized restroom for bus operator and field staff, using GPS and on-screen map.
  • AC Transit Training and Education Department (TED) application - This application supports the District's training operations for transportation and maintenance employees, primarily in the positions of Bus Operators and Heavy Duty Coach Mechanics (Apprentice and Journey), although the system supports new courses and apprenticeship programs.
  • AC Transit Customer Relations application (CusRel) - Public transit ticketing system for customer issues and feedback with: inter-departmental routing with notifications, department/person assigments, simple workflow, ticket searching, pre-canned reports, daily reminders and more.
  • TransAM - An open-source asset management platform for public transportation agencies. Open-source on Github.
  • RidePilot - An open-source Computer Aided Scheduling and Dispatch (CASD) software system to meet the needs of small scale human service transportation agencies (for more info see Cambridge Systematics's marketing site).
  • TNExT - Transit Network Explorer Tool (TNExT) is a web-based software tool developed for the visualization, analysis, and reporting of regional and statewide transit networks in the state of Oregon.
  • Route Trends (webapp, GitHub) - An R Shiny app to ingest ridership time series, and return seasonal, trend, and residual components according to STL methodology and forecasts including uncertainty based on those components. Sponsored by Metro Transit (Minneapolis-St. Paul).
  • TBEST - TBEST (Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool) is an effort to develop a multi-faceted GIS-based modeling, planning and analysis tool which integrates socio-economic, land use, and transit network data into a platform for scenario-based transit ridership estimation and analysis. Funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. Free to use but not open-source.