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Apps people use when taking transit.

Web Apps (open source)

  • Instabus - Realtime map of Austin's (CapMetro) public transit. Has no server/backend dependency at all and runs completely on GitHub pages.
  • OpenTripPlanner Client GWT - A Google Web Toolkit-based web interface for OpenTripPlanner
  • OpenTripPlanner.js - A Javascript-based client for OpenTripPlanner (no longer under development)
  • OTP-UI React Component Library - React Javascript component library, which can be used to build trip planner webapps. See the Storybook for a demo.
  • GTFS-realtime Alerts Producer Web Application - A Java-based web application for producing GTFS-realtime Service Alerts.
  • HRT BUS Web app - HRT Bus API publishes real time bus data from Hampton Roads Transit through an application programming interface for developers to make apps from it.
  • Transit-Map - Web app that animates vehicles (markers) on a map using the public transport timetables to interpolate their positions along the routes (polylines).
  • Transitive.js - Creates a customizable web map layer of transit routes using Leaflet or D3.
  • Google I/O Transport Tracker - Shows shuttle arrival times for Google I/O conference, based on the open-source transport-tracker project. Note: To implement this yourself, you need a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan license.
  • 1-Click - A virtual “trip aggregator” that assembles information on a wide variety of available modes: public transit, private, rail, rideshare, carpool, volunteer, paratransit, and walking and biking. Open-source on GitHub.
  • Bustime - Public transport real-time monitoring with WebSocket updates. Open-source on GitHub.
  • Transit Tracker - Realtime vehicle position for Greater Montreal & Toronto, Canada
  • GTFS Builder - A free web-based application to help you create GTFS files. Maintained by the National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP).
  • Dede - An independent and universal passenger information system (PIS) mapping realtime movement. A message feed with Vehicle Position entities in the GTFS-Realtime format or the Dede app can be used as data source.
  • MBTA tile-server - Scripts to create a Docker container that encapsulates all the elements necessary to develop map tiles for use on MBTA.com
  • Cadê Meu Busão - Realtime tracking transit buses from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Open-source on GitHub.
  • Tiramisu Transit - An adaptive mobile transit app that shows real-time bus arrival information developed and deployed by Carnegie Mellon University. No longer maintained.

Web Apps (closed source)

  • TransitScreen - Custom realtime displays of all local transportation choices
  • Citylines.co - A collaborative platform for mapping transit systems, with an emphasis on their historical evolution.
  • Bikeshare Map - Status of all worldwide bikeshare stations
  • Bongo - Real-time Transit Tracking for Iowa City, Coralville and the University of Iowa. Combines three disparate transit systems into one UI.
  • CityMapper Webapp - Really polished webapp with trip planner and route status for over 30 of cities.
  • YourStop - Mobile friendly web app which consumes GTFS feeds and displays both live and scheduled trips for stops. Launched with MBTA, YRT/Viva and Maryland MTA.
  • DC MetroHero - Realtime vehicle position and arrivals and departure information for the Washington, D.C. region's WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus systems. WebApp, Android, and iOS apps avaliable.

Native Apps (open source)

Native Apps (closed source)

  • ally
  • Transit
  • CityMapper
  • Moovit
  • TransLoc Rider - Real-time transit maps for over 100 transit systems.
  • Transit Display - Multimodal and real-time transit display software.
  • Ualabee - Community driven trip planner with focus on user interaction, users can report anomalies, upload pictures, edit transit data and chat with other passengers.