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Getting started

If this is your first time dealing with transit data, you might find these links useful:

  • GTFS - A GTFS feed is a group of text files that contains infrequently changing transit data, like stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data. Transit agencies typically update their GTFS feed every few months.
  • GTFS Realtime - GTFS Realtime consists of three binary files that contain realtime vehicle positions, realtime arrival information, and service alerts. Transit agencies typically update these files every minute.
  • World Bank - "Intro. to GTFS" online course - A free, online, self-paced course for learning about GTFS and GTFS-realtime.
  • Open Transit Data Toolkit - A series of lessons to help people utilize open transit data.
  • MBTA GTFS Onboarding - An interactive tutorial created by MBTA for GTFS static. A stand-alone Docker image is available on GitHub as well as a hosted/no-install version of the Jupyter notebook.