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Software for Creating APIs

Software that you can set up to provide an API to transit and multimodal data.

  • GraphHopper Routing Engine Open source routing engine for OpenStreetMap. Use it as Java library or server.
  • gtfs-server - A web server, written in Rust that uses PostGIS as a backend to serve GTFS data via a HTTP endpoint
  • hafas-rest-api – Expose a HAFAS endpoint as a REST API.
  • Linked Connections - An open-source, scalable intermodal route planning engine, which allows clients to execute the route planning algorithm (as opposed to the server). Uses GTFS data.
  • Mobroute - Mobroute is a general purpose FOSS public transportation router (e.g. trip planner) Go library and CLI that works by directly ingesting timetable (GTFS) data from transit agencies themselves (sourced from the Mobility Database). It can be used to quickly run & test routing requests based on GTFS data on your device (via its CLI) or it can be embedded as a library to add GTFS routing to existing navigation apps.
  • MOTIS - Multi Objective Travel Information System, written in C++ and Java. Can consume schedule timetables in the GTFS or HAFAS format as well as real time information in the GTFS-RT (and RISML, a propriatary format at Deutsche Bahn) as input data. For pedestrian routing (handled by Per Pedes Routing) and car routing (handled by OSRM) OpenStreetMap data is used.
  • Navitia is the opensource engine behind the live API.
  • OneBusAway - A Java app that consumes GTFS and GTFS-Realtime (along with other formats) and turns them into an easy to use REST API.
  • OpenTripPlanner - An open source platform for multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning, as well as returning information about a multi-modal graph (using data sources such as GTFS and OpenStreetMap).
  • pyBikes - Software powering CityBikes for worldwide bikeshare system info
  • Simple Transit Api - A simple way to get started with a GTFS api in Golang.
  • TransitClock - Java application that can consume raw vehicle positions and generate prediction times in formats such as GTFS-realtime. Formerly known as "Transitime".
  • TransiCast - Provides public transportation data for North America in a single, integrated call and response format. The data is provided in stream-parsable XML and JSON formats. Open-source on Google Code. Hosted version at requires payment.