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GTFS Based Visualizations

  • All Transit - Interactive GTFS route and schedule animation (for U.S. cities) using Mapbox GL JS, and Transitland. Github repository here.
  • fastest-bus-analysis-in-the-west - A python Pandas script that combines Ridership/APC, Swiftly speed and dwell data, bus stop inventory, GTFS, and geospatial shapes to create a stop by stop, route by route, time grouping filterable dataset for cross-analyses. The dataset is then visualized in Tableau to help VTA Planners find places to make bus and rail network faster and more reliable through speedups methods like stop consolidation and dedicated lanes.
  • gtfspy-webviz - Web application for animation and visualization of GTFS data using gtfspy.
  • gtfs-visualizations - Open-source NodeJS application for visualizing the routes of GTFS datasets.
  • Mapnificent - Shows areas you can reach with public transport in a given time. Open-source on GitHub, live at
  • MIT COAXS - Co-creative Planning of Transit Corridors using Accessibility-Based Stakeholder Engagement (shows route scenarios using OpenTripPlanner Analyst).
  • MOTIS - Intermodal Mobility Information System including visualization
  • MTA Frequency - Frequency visualization of subways and buses in New York City built using Transitland.
  • SEPTA Rail OTP Report - An online on-time performance reporing & drill down tool using GTFS.
  • TNExT - Transit Network Explorer Tool (TNExT) is a web-based software tool developed for the visualization, analysis, and reporting of regional and statewide transit networks in the state of Oregon.
  • Toronto Transit Explorer - A Java application that visualizes transit, biking and walking accessibility across the city of Toronto. Live version hosted here. Uses a modified version of R5 for routing.
  • Transit Vis - A visualization tool to display performance metrics derived from the King County Metro GTFS-RT feed (OneBusAway API). Viewable here. Used for this paper.
  • TransitFlow Animate GTFS data around the world using Processing and Transitland.
  • TRAVIC Transit Visualization Client - Visualizes vehicles moving based on static GTFS data (and sometimes realtime data). Supports over 260 cities. Github account for geOps organization is here.
  • Traze by Veridict - Visualization of public transport vehicles from all over the world. Collaborate with other users to get real-time updates even when it is not available from the agency. Based on a number of sources, including GTFS and GTFS-RT. (Previously known as Livemap24).
  • Visualizing MBTA Data - Interactive graphs that show how people use Boston's subway system.

Transit Map Creation

  • Brand New Subway - An interactive transportation planning game that lets players alter the NYC subway system to their heart's content.
  • BENO Metro Mapm Creator - A very old fashioned but classic transit map creator.
  • Tennessine Metro Designer - A modern and aesthetically pleasing transit map designer.
  • Metro Map Maker   - An open source and simple metro map maker software.
  • Metro Dreamin - A modern open source sofware that allows users to create, save, like and share and create interactive transit maps with agents.
  • Rail Map Generators - Tool for generating railway maps and information panels in the styles of various cities' public transportation systems.
  • MetroSets - A flexible web tool to visualize set systems using the metro map metaphor. Based on this paper

General Drawing Applications for making transit visualizations

  • Adobe illustrator - The industry-leading vector graphics software (requres membership plan).
  • Inkscape - A free desgn tool similar to Adobe Illustrator.

General GIS Applications for making transit visualizations

  • Felt - An aestically pleasing Modern GIS software.
  • Google Mymaps - Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps.
  • Google Earth - Create and share custom maps with one of the the world's most detailed statelite applications.

Transit Map Aggregation

  • UrbanRail.Net - Worldwide reference map of urban rail transport (metros,trams,commuter rail) with detailed and up-to-date information.
  • OpenRailwayMap - Worldwide map of railways using OpenStreetMap data.
  • AllRailMap - Another worldwide map of railways using OpenStreetMap data.
  • European Railway Atlas -  A reference book of European railway maps that is available for purchase.
  • Rail Transit Maps - A collection of railway maps covering Europe (especially Russia).
  • Tramscale - Website outlining maps showing the scales of tram systems around the world.
  • Timelines - Compare the timelines of Rapid Transit Projects around the world.
  • Metrolinemap - Interactive Maps of the world's Metro systems.
  • Metrocyclopaedia - 3d maps of metro systems across the world (uses data from Metrolinemap).
  • RailFansCanada - Interactive System Map detailing the  the present and future of different urban rail systems in Canada.
  • North American Transit - Map of all Passenger Rail in North America including (intercity rail, metros, trams and tourist lines)
  • Intercity Rail map - Map of the real time location and schedule information for  Amtrak and Via trains
  • Indian Railways Map - Interactive Maps of the Indian Main rail network.
  • National Rail Network Map - This map shows the extent and ownership of rail lines in the United States, including passenger and freight lines.
  • Ferrocarta - A series of maps covering all of the passenger rail networks in Brazil, Canada and France.
  • Train Lookout - A tool to easily Log, map and share your journeys by train.
  • Australian Rail Maps -   Detailed Australian railway maps from the national, state and city levels.
  • Steam Engine "IS" - Maps of railways in the USSR.
  • Carto.Metro - Detailed maps of metro and tram networks of global cities (especially in France).
  • Railway Stations - Photos of Railway Stations across the world.
  • INAT - Aesthetically pleasing static maps of worldwide metros systems.
  • Transit Maps - Critiques and reviews of the design of transit maps from across the world.
  • Transit Explorer - A map containing fixed-guideway transit around the world.
  • Britsh Railways An interactive map of Great Britain's rail network.
  • TransitLand Map - Worldwide map of transit services (which have a GTFS Feed).
  • DB InfraGO - Interactive Map of German Rail infrastructure.
  • SNCF Carte interactive - Interactive Map of French Rail infrastructure.
  • Project Mapping - Schematic maps of UK and worldwide rail networks.
  • China Railway Map - An online Interactive map for the passenger railway transportation system of China, presenting station and rail information.
  • Canadian Rail Atlas - a user-friendly, interactive map of Canada’s nearly 43,000-kilometre railway network.
  • The Rail Map - An Interactive Map with Train lines in North America using data from OpenStreetMap.
  • JR pass - Interactive Map of Mainline Rail in Japan.
  • Belgian Train Map - The Train Map shows realtime information about SNCB trains on the network such as their position on a map of Belgium.