Feed Validators

Before publishing, GTFS feeds should be validated in order to catch errors. A number of different validation tools exist. Some tools check individual feeds while others are made to be integrated into software.

For GTFS-Static

  • FeedValidator - Verifies that the feed conforms to the requirements defined in the GTFS-static reference.
  • ScheduleViewer - Visualizes geospatial and stop time feed data. This is not representative of how feed data will look in other applications; it is a basic tool for testing. Examine routes and schedules to ensure that the data feed correctly represents the system.
  • Conveyal GTFS validator - Based on the OneBusAway GTFS modules.
  • GFTS Data Package Specification - A Data Package specification that does validation using Good Tables. Includes a data package, schemas, tests, and uses South East Queensland GTFS data as an example.

For software developers:

  • Conveyal's gtfs-lib library - Contains validation functionality.
  • The Chouette project - Managed by the French Agency for Multimodal Information and Ticketing. Contains validation functionality and can translate between various formats.


  • GTFS-realtime Validator - A tool created by the Center for Urban Transportation at the University of South Florida to verify that your real-time feed data correctly matches your GTFS dataset and contains all required information.

For software developers:

  • gtfs-realtime-validator-lib - Integrates GTFS-realtime validation rules into software. See the transit-feed-quality-calculator for an example of using the gtfs-realtime-validator-lib library in another project.
  • transit-feed-quality-calculator - Runs GTFS-realtime validation on a large number of GTFS-realtime feeds, using the directory of known public feeds from TransitFeeds.com.