Testing GTFS Feeds

The following Open Source tools are available for testing feeds in the GTFS format:

  • Use the FeedValidator tool to verify that your feed data file matches the specification defined in this document.
  • Use the ScheduleViewer application to see your feed data represented on a map. This is not representative of how your data will look in other applications; it is a basic tool for testing. Examine routes and schedules to ensure that the data feed correctly represents your system.
  • Conveyal has a GTFS validator based on the OneBusAway GTFS modules.
  • GFTS Data Package Specification - A Data Package specification with validation accomplished with Good Tables. Includes a data package, schemas, tests, and uses South East Queensland GTFS data as an example.

For those with more software development expertise, these Open Source projects include components for validating GTFS:

  • Conveyal’s gtfs-lib library contains validation functionality.
  • The Chouette project (managed by the French Agency for Multimodal Information and Ticketing) contains validation functionality and can translate between various formats.